PNO Consultants buys E&Y?s Grant Consultancy

Date: 04-07-2007

PNO Consultants have acquired the grant consultancy department of Ernst & Young in the Netherlands. With this purchase, PNO Consultants consolidate their position as the major independent grant consultancy organisation in Europe. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Dutch grant consultancy said it has already integrated all grant consultancy activities as well as the grant advisors and consultants from Ernst & Young Tax Advisors.

"With 50 new colleagues, we increase knowledge and expertise. This is an important advantage in the market of grants, which is known for its high level of expertise. Furthermore, this purchase is in line with our European ambitions," stated Willem Zandbergen, CEO of PNO Consultants.

PNO Consultants have the ambition to be number one in grants consultancy in Europe, and since 2000, the Dutch company has launched offices in several European countries and opened the UK branch in 2003. International clients with different European divisions are locally serviced by one and the same company for all their grant-aided funding.