Mercer HRC simplifies name to Mercer

Date: 13-09-2007

Since yesterday, the simplified name "Mercer" will be the new brand identification for Mercer Human Resource Consulting, the world's largest human resource consultancy. The global brand initiative reflects Mercer's full range of consulting, outsourcing and investment services, many of which extend beyond the category of human resource consulting. Mercer will continue to provide these integrated services to more than 25,000 clients through 17,000 professionals at offices in 40 countries.

"The Mercer brand has been built on the world-class legacy created by our people for more than 60 years," observed M. Michele Burns, global chairman and chief executive officer of Mercer. "In many markets around the world, Mercer is recognised as one of the leading global HR consulting firms, with outstanding expertise in human capital management, retirement, compensation and health and benefits.

"The fact is, however, that Mercer provides a much broader array of solutions than those for which we have traditionally been known, and our business growth is fuelled by a number of new initiatives," said Ms. Burns. "This expansion of capabilities has led to improved financial performance. We have achieved four consecutive quarters of revenue growth, with a gain of 12 percent in revenue for the most recent quarter ended June 30, 2007 and improved profit margins in that period.

"Our outsourcing solutions include customised administration, technology and total benefit outsourcing. Mercer's investment services include global leadership in investment consulting and multi-manager investment management. This is in addition to offering consulting services that help clients design and manage employee health, welfare and retirement plans and optimise human capital.

"We strongly believe that no other single firm can match the scope of Mercer's offerings, the range of solutions we provide and the talent, experience and dedication of our people," Ms. Burns noted. "We deliver true end-to-end expertise, products and solutions across the broad consulting, outsourcing and investments spectrum. Our consultants work with clients to develop solutions that address global and country-specific challenges and opportunities. We are experienced in assisting both major and growing, middle-market companies."

Mercer's head of UK, Alan Whalley, commented, "Our name change comes with a new look but, more importantly , we believe it better explains what we can deliver to the market in terms of end-to-end solutions.

"We've moved away from sub-brands, such as Mercer Investment Consulting and Mercer Global Investments , to more clearly articulate the integrated nature of our services. As clients' business issues become more and more complex, we've responded to the growing demand for more comprehensive services and implemented solutions," he added.

In the UK, developments in the last year have included the launch of Mercer Retirement Solutions - a packaged pension service that now has over 50 clients and the expansion of its global multi-manager service into Europe . This is designed to provide clients with access to Mercer's well-known investment manager research by constructing portfolios of highly-rated managers and offering them in a cost-efficient way.

Mercer's global client base not only includes most of the world's leading companies and governments, but also comprises many rapidly growing organizations, including those in some of the world's fastest growing economies. These include nine of ten Fortune 100 firms, three of four Fortune 1000 firms, two of three FTSE 100 firms and a majority of Nikkei 225 firms. Some 60 percent of Mercer's clients are located in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America, indicating the geographic reach of Mercer's services.

Mercer is communicating its broader range of capabilities and its name change through a new advertising campaign, the creation of a new summary of its corporate capabilities and the launch of the company's newly redesigned website.