Global IT Consulting ranking: Booz Allen Hamilton #1

Date: 19-06-2007
Source: BusinessWire

Career publisher Vault Inc. ( is about to release the latest edition of its guide to the world's top technology consulting firms, and Booz Allen Hamilton ranks first overall in prestige for the third consecutive year.

For the fourth edition of the popular Vault Guide to the Top 25 Technology Consulting Firms, over 700 practicing technology consultants were asked to rank tech consulting firms on a scale of 1-10 based on prestige, with 10 being the most prestigious. (Consultants were unable to rate their own firms, and they were asked only to rate firms with which they were familiar.) Vault averaged the prestige scores for each firm and ranked the top 25 in order.

The Vault Guide to the Top 25 Technology Consulting Firms features profiles that give readers an insider view of each ranked firm. These profiles include information on practice areas, office locations, number of employees, revenues, uppers and downers of working for the firm, employment contacts and "The Buzz," direct, revealing quotes from people on the inside. Vault also explores each firm's history, clients and workplace culture.

In addition to the top 25, the guide also features "the best of the rest," profiles of 20 other notable technology consulting companies.

The top 10 firms as ranked in the Vault Guide to the Top 25 Technology Consulting Firms are as follows:

1. Booz Allen Hamilton
2. Cisco Systems
3. Deloitte Consulting
4. IBM Global Services
5. Accenture
6. Lockheed Martin Corporation
7. Oracle Consulting
8. Capgemini
9. BearingPoint
10. Computer Sciences Corporation