Deloitte uses Virtual World for Recruitmet

Date: 24-10-2007
Source: PR Newswire

Deloitte & Touche USA LLP launched Virtual Team Challenge for High Schools (VTCHS) -- Event!, a new virtual reality version of its online business simulation and classroom curriculum competition for pre-college students.

The VTCHS presents an opportunity for high school students to confront real world business issues in an entertaining virtual world. Working in teams of four and competing against groups in their class, school and across the country, participants will act as an event production company staging a community festival to raise money for the United Way.

The game's objective is to produce a fundraising event that raises the most "virtual" money for the United Way's "Operation Graduation" campaign, a program dedicated to encouraging young people to stay in school. Deloitte will present $1,000 to the top seven teams to be donated to their local United Way chapter as well as a $500 grant to
the school.

More than 5,500 students at over 100 schools nationwide will be participating in Deloitte's Virtual Team Challenge -- Event!

The VTCHS consists of a four-week in-classroom curriculum based on four key professional platforms -- Business, Ethics, Money and Decision- Making. The teachers will introduce one of the four content themes at the beginning of each week and the teams will then apply their learning's to the gaming simulation and competition.

On average, students will spend 45-90 minutes in the "virtual world," where they can personalize their avatar's appearance. Teachers may allocate time to play during class hours or assign the challenge for homework.

The Virtual Team Challenge for High Schools -- Event!, is a component of Deloitte's overall Pre-College Outreach program, an initiative
developed to expand the talent pool and increase the interest level of young people in accounting and business consulting. It also includes LIFE Inc., Business Smarts and Future Leaders Panel.

Leveraging VTCHS, Deloitte is working to fill the future talent pipeline and position accounting and business consulting as a more
engaging and viable career option for pre-college students by exposing students to real world business situations.

"Pre-college students have an undeniable interest in video games. So moving the Deloitte Virtual Team Challenge for High Schools to an avatar-based online platform allows us to engage pre-college students in an environment very familiar to them. In addition, the new format provides them with a more real world business and decision making experience," said Stan Smith, National Director of Next Generation Initiatives, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP."

"We at the Deloitte U.S. Firms strongly believe that our Next Generation Initiatives such as the Pre College Outreach program will help us fill our talent pipeline in the years to come."